Special Report: Suicide in Bangladesh

27 Aug

Editor’s Note: The following was a study conducted by students at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh, led by a faculty member,  between 2011-2013. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, names of interviewees have been omitted. Lead author: Varuni Ganepola* Contributors: Afsana Sadiq Atuly, Jyoti Pokharel, Neha Rauniyar, Sorya Seang, Dechen Zangmo, and […]

Letter from the Editor

5 Mar

Dear readers: Dispatches International was started in 2008 to report on under-reported issues from around the world, through feature articles and photo essays. Over the past seven years, DI News has been a platform from which student journalists from five continents and dozens of countries throughout the world can tell their stories, and the stories of […]

Displaced for Life? Serbs in Croatia Struggle to Regain Housing Rights

15 Sep

By Giulia Bertoluzzi and Tanja Jovetic “What you own is yours unless someone else takes it.” If you are a Serb and want to get back to your home in Krajina, Croatia, you must remember this saying every day. Eighteen years have passed since the war in Yugoslavia. Governments have changed, and while Croatia entered the […]

Pipe Dreams: A Drinking Water Shortage in Sinai Exposes Larger Social Problems in Forgotten Region

2 Sep

By Giulia Bertoluzzi and Costanza Spocci “We have to buy our own pure water,” says Hussein Awad, a Bedouin living in Sheikh Zweid. Awad is only one of the citizens in the North Sinai governate in Egypt who are currently suffering from an increasingly dangerous shortage of drinking water. “My family cannot afford to buy water, […]

A Reporter’s Account of Marrakesh to Fes in Seven Days: The Impromptu Tourism “Industry”

14 Jul

  By Alessandra Lacaita Marrakesh is a mix of noise, colours, and smells, with people of varying ages constantly walking or running in all directions. Motorcycles, carts pulled by donkeys, and men pulling donkeys laden with goods move up and down the narrow streets of the old Medina at any time of the day, populating […]

Pakistan’s First Transgender Candidate Takes on Tough Rivals for Provincial Assembly Seat

19 Jun

By Muhammad Furqan 46-year-old Lubna Laal roams the streets of Jhelum, a city in North Punjab, distributing pamphlets and posters to housewives, shopkeepers and common citizens. The pamphlets contain her election manifesto, and her posters display a very beautiful and serious Laal in her politician’s pose. But this is not an ordinary election campaign; Lubna […]

Motherhood Under Water: Midwifery and Birthing at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

8 Jun

By Alessandra Lacaita NORWICH – UK “Having a baby in water? It’s not very natural; we are not amphibious, and we don’t have gills!” These were the thoughts of Julie Mansfield, the midwife supervisor at the Midwifery-Led Birthing Unit of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. This, however, was before she had assisted in a […]

Kiwi Pastoralism: The Success of Beef, Lamb, and Dairy in New Zealand

1 Jun

   By Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell When it comes to animal husbandry, New Zealand has got it figured out. The island is slightly smaller than the UK, with a population of just 4.5 million, yet it accounts for one-third of world dairy exports and is one of the world’s top producers of meat. The island has been […]

From the Vaults: Labor in India

25 May

Editor’s Note: Periodically, throughout the next few months, DI News will be re-publishing some of the best photo essays from issues that have not previously appeared on our new website. This Week: Mark Brunner frequently travels to India, capturing details of daily life in various regions. In this essay, he explores the numerous and diverse occupations held […]

The Mountain People of Nepal: Culture in the Annapurna Circuit

15 May

By Michael Sabelli   Being completely absorbed in a majestic, large-scale natural environments for days on end can render man-made divides as petty in the greater picture. One gets this sense from travelling through the Annapurna region of the Nepalese Himalayas. The inspiring landscape of the Himalayas is well-documented, but what requires closer investigation is […]